What is zoning?

Zoning is a device of land use planning by local governments in most developed countries. The word is derived from the practice of designating permitted uses of land based on mapped zones which separate one set of land use from another. Zoning will involve regulating the uses to which land may be put, regulating building height (i.e how many levels/floors can be built), or some combination of these.

The common zones that a parcel may fall under can be;
• Agricultural land use;
• Residential land use;
• Commercial land use; and
• Industrial land use.
Putting a parcel in another use apart from the zone under which it falls would therefore be illegal. This practice may cause adverse economical loses to an investor e.g pulling down of a large commercial building in an agricultural zone.

The size of land will most definitely determine the use into which that piece of land may be put into. e.g any piece of land that is below I acre (0.4047 ha) cannot be effectively used as an agricultural parcel of land but instead would qualify for residential use. In areas that have been zoned for agricultural use, subdivision of land to portions that are uneconomical will generally be discouraged.

Is 1/8 acre equal to the commonly known 50 * 100 plots?

If you look at a title deed, you’ll notice that the approximate area of the plot/land is normally indicated in hectares and not acres which most people use when referring to a given piece of land.

1Ha = 2.47105381 Acres = 10,000 Square Meters
1cre = 0.404685Ha
1 Meter = 3.2808399 feet
1 sq.m = 10.76 sq. ft

The commonly known 50 * 100 plots are usually measured in feet. Hence, the 50*100 (exact measurements), would translate to 15.24M*30.48M=464.5sqm=0.0464Ha

In real circumstances, it is very hard to find a plot which exactly measurements 50ft by 100ft and thus the most important thing to look at is the area as long as the width of the plot is not too narrow for your purposes/use

A 1/8th of an acre will therefore be 0.404685/8 = 0.5058Ha. You will thus notice that 1/8th acre is a slight difference in terms of the area/size from 50*100. However, the difference in size is not very large henceforth people normally refer to 50ft * 100ft plots as 1/8 acre plots.

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